On Sunday 8th July, Tangerine Confectionery Ltd sponsored the annual Liquorice Festival in Pontefract, the historical home of liquorice. The Tangerine stall featured classic liquorice sweets such as Pontefract Cakes and Barratt Liquorice Novelties as well as family favourites like Dip Dabs and our more recent range of Softies. As usual, the event was well attended by liquorice and sweet lovers from around the country, and the ongoing sunny weather meant that the festival was even more busy than usual! Office staff from a variety of teams within the business at Pontefract came together, helping to set up the stand and tell people about our fantastic range of confectionery.

Sweet lovers across the UK are set to experience a blast from the past, as one of Britain’s most-loved retro sweet brand Barratt returns to shelves and TV with a new ad showing our best loved sweets and an exciting new addition to the Dip Dab family.

68 years after the launch of the Dip Dab, the new sour apple flavour is born. A unique twist on the well-known lolly that’ll turn your tongue green, with a sour sherbet dip.

We had a great time helping folk bring out their #SoftiesSide at the #BackToThe80s90sFestival!

Now that everyone’s favourite Tangerine brands (including Refreshers and Fruit Salad) are available in ‘Softies’, we’re happy to share the good news with a fun, colourful TV ad.

Ignite a tangy taste explosion that’s #OutOfThisWorld with our brand new Wham Bamz cosmic jelly beans!

Wham Bamz consists of a sour jelly centre encased in a crunchy shell to give you an #OutOfThisWorld taste experience. Each pack contains four sour flavours; Cola, Apple, Lemon and Raspberry.